If you run a massage business, you need this software

Davonna Willis, Founder of 4 Nineteen Education & Training


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Here's why I partnered with ClinicSense

  • They have been building tools to support massage therapists for 12+ years, and it shows.
  • They are trusted by over 7,500+ healthcare practitioners
  • ClinicSense is great value for money (view pricing)
  • They were voted #1 Best Ease-Of-Use Award (Capterra) 4 years in a row!
  • They offer the best product I have seen for my client's needs!
  • They will pay your AMTA or ABMP Fees!

I have been working in the wellness industry for over 20 years, so I am familiar with the common challenges massage therapists face on a day to day basis - after meeting with the ClinicSense team and learning about their solution I was impressed with how their software can help solve all the common challenges I have seen my clients face.

I learned their solution provides massage therapists with all the tools they need to run their business operations, manage their clients and files, and grow their business with marketing tools. The all-in-one aspect, flexibility and support team is what really stood out to me.

Because I believe this software can help my clients win - I have partnered with ClinicSense to help support my clients become more successful in their business.

Sign up with my link and ClinicSense will pay your AMTA/ABMP fees!

Why I Recommend ClinicSense Over Massage Book

For years I used MassageBook to run my business - that is until I learned about the features that ClinicSense had to offer.

ClinicSense has tools to make me more money in less time - offer my clients better care and automate all my admin tasks. Plus they have world class customer support and are the easiest massage software to use on the market*.

They won the #1 Ease Of Use Software Award Four years in a row!

Below are some of the features that stood out to me that ClinicSense has to offer, that I found lacking on the MassageBook platform.

Highly Customizable Intake Forms & SOAP Notes

I was impressed with the flexibility ClinicSense had to offer when it came to intake forms and SOAP notes.

Their solution allows you to completely customize your online intake forms, and use tools like "if this then that" rules when setting up client files.

You can also choose who you send forms to based on the services they book.

Plus, they offer completely customizable SOAP notes and forms for all scenarios - whether that's a quick update or a fully detailed note and treatment plan.

Never Lose Money To Cancellations
I hate seeing my clients lose money due to late cancellations or when their clients don't show up, so I was interested when the ClinicSense team started telling me about their No-Show Guard.

The No-Show Guard is a tool built into their solution that gives businesses the option to request payment before appointments - so you will never lose money to no-show client again.

They also offer automated SMS and email appointment reminders with health history forms attached - so your clients are more likely to show up on time with their forms filled out.

Person who doesn't have to worry about overtime

Integrated Marketing Tools
As a business and marketing coach I found the marketing features ClinicSense had to offer especially exciting.

You can get rid of your email marketing tool, increase your repeat business and get new clients through the door with their build-in

- Newsletters
- Availability summaries
- Promo codes & gift cards
- Automated referral requests
- Automated review requests (Google reviews)
And more.....

Outstanding Support For My Clients
I care about my clients success - so I would never recommend a solution that didn't support them on their journey.

ClinicSense has proven to me they are built on the foundation of helping health and wellness practitioners succeed with a responsive support team, and online tutorials.

Plus if you are currently using another software provider, ClinicSense
customer support will help you to transfer & export your clients' treatment notes, appointments and intake forms for an easy transition.

Wow so organized!

I had yet to find an all-in-one solution that offered online booking and reminders, flexible documentation, invoicing, reporting and marketing

But the more I dug into the solution the more I saw that ClinicSense would be there to support my clients every step of the way - so it felt like a natural fit.

ClinicSense also offers financial tools to help you keep your business financially healthy.

How Will ClinicSense Pay My AMTA /ABMP Fees?
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ClinicSense will add the following credit to your account!

Lite Plan: They pay half your fees (up to $117.50)
‍Standard Plan: They pay this year’s fees (up to $235)
‍Premium Plan: They pay your fees EVERY year (up to $235/year)


"Without ClinicSense I Wouldn't Be Where I Am Today, And Probably Would Have Suffered A Burn Out Already"

- Jessika Sieracki, Licensed Massage Therapist